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xgoldenrule [userpic]

Title: blame it on the shoes
Pairing: James/Logan (jagan)
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 3.2k
SummaryLogan really should have foreseen that signing a contract is literally no incentive for James to not do what he wants.
Disclaimer: I don't own BTR, okay.
Notes: Okay, so I rewrote Big Time Sneakers. Sue me.

It is not his fault that Kendall's mom keeps walking in while they're on top of each other.Collapse )

xgoldenrule [userpic]

Title: hold, distort, falter
Character(s): Effy Stonem, Tony Stonem
Pairing(s): Effy Stonem/Tony Stonem
Words: ~1200
Summary: The world is made up of gradations, and she lives within the gray.
Notes: Incest. Effy's point of view. Originally posted here.

there is no color anymore, only gray, only dirty, only a mess to clean up laterCollapse )


xgoldenrule [userpic]

Title: Penultimate
Character(s): Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Voldemort (mainly these three)
Pairing(s): None (though there's slight non-sexual Harry/Voldemort if you reallyreally squint)
Words: ~1600
Summary: Just the inflection of a name, like that which his own provokes.
Notes: Harry isn't so adamant about not Slytherin. HarryVoldemortDumbledore-centric. May edit this someday. Originally posted here.


Just the inflection of a name, like that which his own provokes.Collapse )


xgoldenrule [userpic]

wrote this as a paper for english. turned it in, against better judgment.

convoluted maze of a web made of successive stumbles and sticky fingersCollapse )


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